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Who We Are

The Upstate Digital Solutions Group is a small organization that helps non-profit organizations and new small businesses start off in the modern digital age without the burden of high infrastructure and digital service costs. We offer a wide range of local infrastructure services, digital communications (website) and data processing (Web Applications) support to help new and existing organizations grow their projects.

We pride ourselves in being certified masters in the fields we represent, with more than 30 years of experience, ensuring your services will be done right the first time. We, too, are people in today's digital world. We treat our clients how we would expect to be treated, with respect and dignity. Below are some of the qualities of creating a partnership with us:

  • Our packages are all-inclusive. We provide your itemized upfront costs before we start your project.
  • We offer very competitive pricing to make you more efficient without draining the bank.
  • Our digital packages support your business as it grows without massive upfront costs.
  • We support the digital community by using templates and special coding to make your perfect digital footprint.
  • We guarantee 99.9% up time by running our digital services on high availability Virtual Private Servers

Network Services

From building a wireless network to designing a full client-server network, The Upstate Digital Solutions Group has the tools to help you get connected, securely and efficiently.

Service One


Let The UDS Group install a wired or wireless network at your location. We specialize in wired, wireless, wireless expansion, and VPN network setups. Have a unique requirement? Contact us to see what we can do for you!

Service One

Directory Services

Looking to increase your network's security and efficiency? The UDS Group is skilled in installing different types of client-server configurations using directory services. From two clients to one hundred, let us help design, install and implement a centralized solution for you!

Service One

Virtual Private Network

Looking for a secure way to access your network? The UDS Group is trained in setting up and implementing VPN connections for your internal network. Contact us to see how easy and affordable implementing a VPN can be for you!

Website Services

Ready to take your online presence to a new level? The Upstate Digital Solutions Group works with a variety of website developers to find the perfect template for your project, and then enhance and personalize it to your specific needs. We even make it so you can update the main content without contacting us.

Support the Web Development Community

We work with the client to find the perfect template through established website designers, and then enhance it to make it your perfect website!

Latest Technologies

Built with latest technologies like Bootstrap, Jquery, HTML5 and CSS3, with best practices to avoid hacks and workarounds.

Fast Build to Production Time

Since templates are true and tested, customizing your website and building out your functionality is done in half the time.

Web Application Development

Web Applications allow you to get more done in less time than manual processes. The Upstate Digital Solutons Group custom builds all our applications to our clients needs, giving you everything you need, and nothing you don't.

Website and Development Pricing

Website and Application Development pricing is dependant on the type of organization and the complexity of the applications. Packages are all inclusive and do not have any hidden costs to them. All websites include a domain name (must either be available or able to be transferred). Web Applications include a website and domain name.

Average User

High Performance

*Monthly pricing depends on the complexity, processing power needed, and storage requirements. Most non-profits and new businesses fall into the $10 package. We cannot service anything over a quad core server performance. If you are unsure of your usage or storage requirements, we can assist you in choosing the correct package; contact us below.